Robotics are useless unless they satisfy a target market need. This is the challenge for the JURBAN Robo-Robo-EntrepreneurEntrepreneur. The JURBAN Robo-Entrepreneur team will work with the JURBAN engineering teams to help design, develop, and deliver autonomous robots that solve target market needs.

There is currently a need, worldwide, for robots to assist humans with dirty, dangerous, and difficult tasks ranging from daily chores and biological threat detection to elderly assistance and structural repairs in space. These types of robots are considered personal and professional service robots and the type on which JURBAN focuses.

Personal service robots are driven by a need to assist humans with home based tasks and human labor savings (e.g., moving lawn, vacuum cleaning, house chores, personal security, etc.); Assist the physically/mentally challenged and extending human skills; Improve leisure activities (e.g., entertainment, pets, games, etc.); Support the elderly; Improve rehabilitation services; and Provide improvements in educational services (e.g., intelligent tutoring) Juxtopia® IEEE VIPRG.

Professional service robots are driven by the need to assist humans with tasks that are too dangerous, dirty, or difficult such as disaster recovery; military/homeland security (e.g., bomb detection, IED detection, military medical assistance, etc.); Construction; Medical services; Agriculture/forestry/mining; and Space exploration. In the United

States, the primary service robot need is the professional service robot for the United States military to provide more lethal and tactical capabilities while removing human troops from the line of fire.

 This JURBAN robo-entrepreneur need is justified by US Congressional legislation.

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