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Advisory Board

The Juxtopia Group is made up of several experts with specialties including biology, business, cognitive science, computer science, educational technology, engineering, environmental science, health sciences, history, sociology, neuroscience, and psychology. The Juxtopia Group scientific advisory board is made up of the HBCU Learning Technology Alliance, Museum Learning Technology Alliance, and Positive Image Alliance.

  • Brian Blake, Ph.D.
    Associate Dean of Engineering, Research and Graduate Studies
    Professor of Computer Science and Engineering
    University of Notre Dame
  • Bryan Carter, Ph.D.
    Professor of English
    Central Missouri State University
    Originator of Virtual Reality Harlem
  • Omar Muhammad
    Entrepreneurship Development and Assistance Center
    Morgan State University
  • Polly S. Turner, DrPH,MPh, RPh
    Director, Health Care Administration Graduate Program
    Texas Southern University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
  • Lawrence Tynes, Ph.D. Candidate
    Patent Examiner
    U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

HBCU Learning Technology Alliance 

Coppin State University

  • Ahmed El-Haggan, Ph.D.
    Vice President of IT & CIO
    Coppin State University
  • Gilbert O. Ogonji, Ph.D.
    Chair, Biology
    Coppin State University

Hampton University

  • Paul Gueye, Ph.D.
    Professor of Physics
    Hampton University
    Former Chair, Medical Physics for Black Physicists
  • Eric Shepard, Ph.D.
    Dean, School of Engineering and Technology
    Hampton University

Howard University

  • Mohamed Chouikha, Ph.D.
    Chair, Electrical Engineering
    Howard University

Morgan State State University

  • Corey Dickens, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor
    Electrical Engineering
    Morgan State University

Sojourner Douglass College

  • Maia Anderson, Ph.D.
    Dean, School of Nursing
    Sojourner Douglass College

 Tennessee State University

  • S. Keith Hargrove, Ph.D., CMfgE
    Dean, Engineering
    Tennessee State University



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