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Objectives & Code


The Juxtopia Group has the following objectives to advance underserved and disadvantaged learning and application of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) proficiency.

  1. Integrate innovative early learning experiences in formal and informal learning environments to enhance the application, learning, and value of STEM skills that may be accessible anytime, anywhere, at any-pace, and by anyone.
  2. Conduct empirical research to prototype approaches and publish research results that lead to effective learning technology tools that tailor to individual learning needs and that augment learning capabilities.
  3. Develop methods to assist underserved and disadvantaged groups in identifying with historical figures from their culture and racial background who significantly contributed to STEM and entrepreneurship.
  4. Dispel negative cultural perceptions of acquiring STEM knowledge.
  5. Motivate underserved and disadvantaged children, youth, and adults to study and enter STEM careers.
  6. Collaborate with organizations, universities, and industry to significantly increase the number of underserved and disadvantaged students who complete STEM related terminal degrees and who actively guide the next generation of STEM leaders.
  7. Continually measure STEM learning performance with innovative interventions in traditional and non-traditional learning environments.

Code of Achievement

As a commitment to augment STEM achievement for underserved and disadvantaged populations around the world, The Juxtopia Group pledges to:

  1. Dispel the negative stereotypes, societal perceptions, and environmental factors preventing significant achievement in STEM learning.
  2. Build pedagogically and andragogically effective learning technology interventions that significantly improve STEM performance in both informal and traditional learning environments.
  3. Continually promote STEM literacy and increase its public interest inside and outside traditional learning environments.
  4. Significantly increase the number of STEM advanced degrees.
  5. Increase the number of entrepreneurs with self sustaining STEM related businesses.
  6. Help develop a competent and competitive work force with unparalleled STEM proficiency.
  7. Impact policy to realize a ubiquitous learning infrastructure that motivates, accelerates, reinforces, and improves the proficiency of STEM and Entrepreneurship.



Juxtopia® Imhotep™ (JI Band)

Juxtopia® Interactive Virtual Instructor (JIVI™)

Juxtopia® Urban Robotics Application Network (JURBAN™)

Juxtopia® Epoch (JEPOCH™)

Juxtopia® Advanced Mixed Reality (JAMR™)

Juxtopia® Intelligent Spaces (JIS™)

Juxtopia® Urban Learning Technology Television (JULT.tv™)

Juxtopia® Urban Innovation and Cooperative Entrepreneurship (JUICE™)