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Mission & Vision


Our mission is to improve human learning performance by adapting to individual learning needs, enhancing cognitive performance, and augmenting human learning capabilities anytime, anywhere, at any-pace, and for anyone, through science and technology.


Our vision is to provide a ubiquitous learning infrastructure that is:

  • Affordable to all persons.
  • Scalable to support continued improvements from learning/instructional technology research and continued educational demands.
  • Based on empirically tested instructional models and learning theories.
  • Easily accessible from multiple informal and formal learning environments.
  • Adaptable to individuals with various learning styles and in multiple environmental contexts.
  • Capable of supporting continued advancements through innovation.
  • Capable of motivating and improving proficiency in STEM and entrepreneurship.



Juxtopia® Imhotep™ (JI Band)

Juxtopia® Interactive Virtual Instructor (JIVI™)

Juxtopia® Urban Robotics Application Network (JURBAN™)

Juxtopia® Epoch (JEPOCH™)

Juxtopia® Advanced Mixed Reality (JAMR™)

Juxtopia® Intelligent Spaces (JIS™)

Juxtopia® Urban Learning Technology Television (JULT.tv™)

Juxtopia® Urban Innovation and Cooperative Entrepreneurship (JUICE™)