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JUICE ‘HIIT’ Disparities Campaign

Healthcare disparities exist when illness, injury, disease, and death, adversely impact some populations at higher rate than others. In Maryland where world renowned hospitals, top medical schools, and high numbers of primary care physicians exist, significant health disparities remain among Maryland communities. Therefore, collaborate with the JUICE™ Network on innovations that prevent and eliminate healthcare disparities in your Maryland community.

How You Can Sponsor?


Please invest (links to sponsorship package details) in the “HIIT” Disparity campaign and help Juxtopia® Apprentices eliminate health care disparities in your community.













What is the “HIIT” Disparities Campaign?

The Health Informatics and Information Technology (“HIIT”) Disparities Campaign engages young Juxtopia® Engineering and Entrepreneurship Apprentices, ages 17 through 26, who are training in the art & science of biotechnology, engineering, health informatics, public health, media, and urban entrepreneurship. Their mission is to create innovative science and technology solutions that prevent and eliminate healthcare disparities in Maryland communities.

Campaign Demographics

The “HIIT” Disparities Campaign is estimated to reach the following audience across the state of Maryland: Maryland has ~5,884,563 residents. The HIIT Disparities Campaign is estimated to reach the following Maryland population listed by its cities:

o Annapolis: 489,656

o Arundel: 489,656

o Baltimore: 115,000

o Bowie: 50,000

o Carroll: 151,000

o College Park: 25,000

o Greenbelt: 21,000

o Howard: 248,000

o Montgomery: 2,548,000

o PGC: (Landover): 802,000

o Queen Ann County: 10,000

o Salisbury: 85,000

o Tacoma Park: 17,000

Estimated population reached: 5,051,312



Diane L. Adams, MD, MPH, CHSIII
US Public Health Service
Chair Emeritus, American Public
Health Association, HIIT Section

Cyrus Green, M.S., MBA studies
JUICE™ Network Tech Transfer & Commercialization Director

Jayfus Tucker Doswell, Ph.D.
Juxtopia, LLC

The “HIIT” Disparities campaign is administered by The Juxtopia Group, Inc. (www.juxtopia.org), a Maryland 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Visit “HIIT” Disparities online at http://www.juxtopia.org/campaigns/Disparity.



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