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Juxtopia® Urban Innovation and Cooperative Entrepreneurship (JUICE)

The JUICE program provides personalized urban entrepreneurship training to minority micro-enterprises and underserved and disadvantaged youth.  The JUICE Service provides its clients with a 24/7 and on-demand urban entrepreneurship service that reflects “The Juxtopia® Way”. JUICE Services range from proposal writing, bookkeeping, business plan development, to hardware/software product development service, and more.






!NNOVATE: Maryland’s Innovation Initiative 



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Juxtopia® Imhotep™ (JI Band)

Juxtopia® Interactive Virtual Instructor (JIVI™)

Juxtopia® Urban Robotics Application Network (JURBAN™)

Juxtopia® Epoch (JEPOCH™)

Juxtopia® Advanced Mixed Reality (JAMR™)

Juxtopia® Intelligent Spaces (JIS™)

Juxtopia® Urban Learning Technology Television (JULT.tv™)

Juxtopia® Urban Innovation and Cooperative Entrepreneurship (JUICE™)