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Juxtopia® Interactive Virtual Instructor (JIVI™) 

The JiVi program is a multidisciplinary research program that continually improves ‘artificial intelligent’ virtual tutors, pedagogical agents, and virtual assistants that teach from 3D anthropomorphic characters and autonomous virtual tutors to autonomous robot toys that teach. The JiVi program applies empirically evaluated engineering, cognitive science, and instruction science principles to advance the field.  The JiVi program directs the IEEE Virtual Instructor Pilot Research Group (VIPRG) http://www.viprg.org/ empaneling multidisciplinary researchers around the world to expand Dr. Jayfus T. Doswell’s vision of an international virtual instructor standard.




Juxtopia® Imhotep™ (JI Band)

Juxtopia® Interactive Virtual Instructor (JIVI™)

Juxtopia® Urban Robotics Application Network (JURBAN™)

Juxtopia® Epoch (JEPOCH™)

Juxtopia® Advanced Mixed Reality (JAMR™)

Juxtopia® Intelligent Spaces (JIS™)

Juxtopia® Urban Learning Technology Television (JULT.tv™)

Juxtopia® Urban Innovation and Cooperative Entrepreneurship (JUICE™)